Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Round Mirrors

I recently purchased a dresser off craigslist. I moved it into its new home and what I've decided it needs is a silver round mirror above it. So looking online I found several that strike my fance--several that must become a part of my collections. First I found the beautiful one to the right with pointed edges, which is cool. But even better, and probably my favorite is this one below from horchow.com--simple, yet interesting, ornimental and original. As it was out of my price range, I continued my search in hopes of stumbling across another craigslist find. Though I didn't find anything more suitible to my space and price range, there were many others I liked. The 4 below are some examples.


I think it necessary that I join the blogging world to keep track of the things I enjoy and to remember the things that have inspired my creativity and design. There are so many things that exist in the world that I find lovely--things that I would love to have to fill a space, things that inspire environments that exists in my head. And hopefully one day these environments will spring to life in others lives!

So... for the record, mine and yours, here are my collections of various things that inspire these environments...