Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday DIY Projects (continued)

I've been on what I call a "spray paint binge" for a few weeks now. Here's one of my many spray paint projects using 99 cent store candles.

I pretty much copied Emily Henderson on this one because it works so well with my color scheme, although she actually gold leafed hers.  But this would be a great project to switch up and get creative with if you have a different color scheme.  Or maybe you have some old spray paint sittin' around. I'm all for using what you already have!  I'm not sure its normal to have spray paint around at all times though... maybe I'm just one of those weirdos. Anyway...

All you need is your dollar candles, some blue painters tape, spray paint, and a well ventilated area (or the great outdoors) and you're good to go!

Tape off a pattern you like and spray away.  Then use them in your decor. I put the on a tray with some coordinating ornaments and pine cones.  Got the little star ornaments at the 99 cent store also. Aren't they fabulous!?

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