Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday DIY Projects - The Old

As promised, here are instructions for making these coffee filter angel ornaments.  I made these a few year back so I don't have photos of the process, but I pulled them out of storage to show you close ups of the back where the wings and halo are connected. Hope that helps!

Supplies: Coffee filters, cotton balls, yellow pipe cleaners, white ribbon, Elmers glue, glitter.

Step 1. Cover a few cotton balls with one coffee filter and tie a ribbon loosely around to create the head.  Leave the ribbon long enough to make into ornament.
Step 2. Take another filter and pinch it at the center. Tuck the pointed center into the "neck" to create the dress.
Step 3. Twist a pipe cleaner into a halo and insert it into the ribbon around the neck. Tighten ribbon.  Now you can tie the other end of the ribbon together so you have a loop to hang your angel.

Step 4. To make the wings, take one more filter, fold it in half once. The flat side will be the top of the wings and the round side will be the bottom.
Step 5. Fold the filter back and forth like a fan. Fold it in half at the center, and glue it to the back of the angel. 

Step 6.  To add a little sparkle, dab glue onto the edge of the wings and dust with glitter.
Step 7.  Hang on your tree, step back, and admire!