Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday DIY Projects - The New

The new: Last night I rallied up a little Christmas spirit and made this framed "NOEL" sign out of a paper bag. Yep... a paper bag.  The old: A few years back, when I had my first real tree and a limited supply of ornaments, I made a bunch of coffee filter angels to hang on my tree.

My cousin asked me to show her how to create these so I thought I'd make the info available to anyone with a hankerin' to roll up their sleeves, get crafty, and Christmas things up. I plan to post more holiday DIY projects in the next few weeks. So... for today, the new "NOEL" sign; tomorrow, the old coffee filter angles, and later... check back for more!  Here ya go...

To create the NOEL sign all you'll need is a paper bag, pencil, scissors, painters tape, a straight edge, gold and silver spray paint, and a frame to put it in.

I spent a whole $0 to create this beauty by using what I already had. So if you're on a tight budget, I encourage you to do the same. Use a framed picture you have and just switch it out temporarily. Use any paint in whatever color you like. Acrylic, tempera, or spray paint would probably all work, although spray paint might be best because it dries quick and creates crisp lines.  I think if I used acrylic or tempera, I'd just use it without any water and maybe weight the paper down as its drying to avoid wrinkling.

Step 1. Cut paper bag to fit into frame. I simply traced the back insert for the frame and cut that out.
Step 2. Using your straight edge (I used the back insert for the frame) and pencil, lightly draw margins.
Step 3. Fold the page in half both ways to create four quarters (on for each letter).
Step 4. Using a measuring device (the thick roll of painters tape) mark the thickness of the letters. Then use your straight edge to draw each letter on its quarter of the page.  For example, I drew a mark a tape roll from the top left margin and the same distance from the bottom left margin and then used the straight edge to connect the two. This would become the left arm of the "N" and the left side of the "E". Don't worry about the mark going all the way through since you're going to cover it with paint.  To create the curves of the "O," I traced around a wide tea cup, and around a quarter for the inner line of the "O."

Step 5. Tape off the "N" and the "L" with painters tape. Make sure to cover up the "E" and "O" with another piece of paper bag.

Step 6. Spray paint the "N" and "L" gold (or your choice color) and let it dry before removing the tape.
Step 7. Tape off the "E" and "O" with painters tape. I reused a bunch of tape, which is why it is gold in the picture below. The center of the "O" was a bit tricky. I put a piece of tape down over the inner curve, then lifted the edges up to find my line and "traced" it onto the tape. Then I cut that piece out and used it as a template for the bottom inner curve... if that makes sense.  Again, make sure to cover up the "N" and "L" with another piece of paper bag.

Step 8. Spray paint the "E" and "O" silver  (or your choice color) and let it dry before removing the tape.
Step 9. Remove the tape and reveal your lovely "NOEL." Pop it back in the frame and put it somewhere for all to enjoy! :)