Friday, April 12, 2013

Need a little coral in your life? Or maybe on your dresser?

Sherwin Williams Charisma, painted furniture, dresser

I think I do! Now that this dresser is refinished and in place, I'm wanting something like it for myself.  Remember it before?

It's really a beautiful piece of furniture! But when we figured out our painting plan, we decided to give it a little "Charisma" for our Noah's ARC Design Challenge nursery space.

First, we brought all our booty from the warehouse visit to my house and took over the garage. I took off the hardware and we gave everything a coat of primer.

That was only a few moons ago on the 31st!  The next two weeks, Rachel spent many hours spraying this dresser (along with all the other furniture) with a little Sherwin... Sherwin Williams that is (remember the colors we chose back in March?).  And she did the job well!

Meanwhile, I attempted to polish the brass hardware with lemon juice and salt.  I read about this technique on Centsational Girl.

It seemed to be working at first, but I made the mistake of putting them back into the dirty lemon/salt solution in hopes that more soaking would help. Instead they just went back to black.  So I enlisted the help of my amazingly generous boyfriend to polish the hardware with Brasso, which really did the trick.

Thank's Frank!

On Tuesday we brought everything into the Huntington Beach Salvation Army to be set up.  Once in place, I screwed on the newly polished brass hardware, which was just the sparkle it needed.  It's like the perfect jewelry to dress up a flirty summer dress; fun and youthful, yet chic and classy.

brass pulls, sherwin williams charisma

Here's the before and after...
sherwin williams charisma, painted dresser, refinished dresser

I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out.  You're also getting a little peak of another awesome feature of the space that I'll tell you more about tomorrow.  :)

Speaking of tomorrow... tomorrow is opening day!  If you're local, our space and the 3 others will be up for viewing and bidding from the 13th to the 29th, so come check 'em out.  Here's some more info about locations and what not.  Hope to see you there!

TDC Before and After


  1. love it!!! we have a dresser coming from jake's grandma's old house and i have to refinish it too...using your instructions!

  2. I like the color. Great job, and I will come back to have a pick to the whole space featuring this great piece of furniture. Good luck with your new career as a designer.


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