Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Salvation Army Sofas!

I've still got more Noah's ARC projects to show you.  But for now, lets take a break.  I wanted to share that in the midst of the project, my new camera came! Yay!

So quite a few of the recent photos were taken with my new Rebel t3i... like 3 photos of our fabric covered suitcases, the final photos of the coral dresser, the completed mobile picture, and the final nursery photos in the stencil review post.  I'm still learning so many of these were taken on the automatic setting, but I'm slowly learning to use the manual settings effectively.  Like I said before, I'll be reading up on how to take better photos, so I'm hoping to improve. 

In other news, I also came up on two new sofas while working on the Noah's ARC Design Challenge!

I was busily putting the space together in the Salvation Army store one afternoon when I spotted this stylish white studded number calling my name.  Guess how much it was listed for... only $300! But wait!... the manager informed me that the next day everything in the store would be 50% off.  So I decided if it was still there the next morning, I'd snatch it up... and it was!  I knew the old one would look really shitty next to this nice new one (well not totally new, but certainly nicer), so I went on the hunt for something to go with it. I found this greenish-khaki-ish microfiber love seat in another Salvation Army store for only $88 on sale. Thats $238 for the pair.  Can you believe it?!?!

They're a HUGE improvement from my old ones.  Here's what the room looked like before...

Not a good photo since it was taken with my iPhone, but you get the idea. You also cant really tell that the sofas were not only outdated in style, but also quite scratched up and dingy. So I'm happy to have these new (well new to me) ones!  Not only do they look better, the also provide so much more room to stretch out since the arms are smaller and they're both much deeper.  Needless to say, after cursing under his breath while hauling the old ones out and the new ones in (up the stairs), Frank is particularly happy about these new additions.  And Duchess is too!

Now I'm in need of a new side table (or tables... not sure if I'll have one on the side by the tv stand or not yet).  And the room certain needs some styling.

I've also been thinking I want to bring some more color into the room to brighten and warm things up.  I'm still not sure what colors.  I'm kinda feelin' pink for some reason, but also have pale blue in the other room and love orange as well. Aaaand love this Cozamia print...

Hmmm... what do you think?