Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Crazy Awesome Paper Cranes!

Remember when you were in grade school and you envied the girl with the sticker collection the size of en encyclopedia?  And then in middle school that  crafty girl made awesome oragami that you tried your best to imitate?  Or am I the only one who got excited and maybe a little green (with envy) when a talented peer made something amazing?  Well get ready to envy now, because the Pavitra made us an awesome paper crane mobile for our Noah's ARC Nursery.  Here a little peak and her process...

I used colored photocopy paper because it is more sturdy than other paper to create the cranes.

Then, using two embroidery hoops (7” and 12’) and fishing line, I hung the cranes at various levels to get the look I wanted, longer in the center, and shorter around the edge.

I added ribbon around the embroidery hoops to give them a finished look.  And strung a few more strands of fishing line from the top to hang it.

Crazy awesome, right?!