Monday, April 1, 2013

Semester Break and Spring Busy

The final week of the semester has passed and we're now on spring break... more like spring get-busy-and-work-like-mad-to-finish-this-nursery-design-in-only-two-weeks! Tomorrow I'll have a post for you on the progress of that project, but for now here's a few clips of other happenings these past few weeks. Because even though this project is somewhat all-consuming (at least here on the blog it is), I've also had homework, finals and life as usual keeping me busy. 

Wen't to a beautiful wedding for a beautiful friend and partied it up with old buddies (an old friend and awesome bloggers has a brief post about it here); ate brunch by the lake with the rents and Frank for my birthday; and discussed my mom's living room redesign and possibly pairing mom's vintage drapery fabric with modern graphic prints for a more contemporary look.

My cramping hand finished up all my drafting homework; while interested eyes watch the a building across from my office materialize.  I switched my winter white pillows back to spring-fresh green and lounged on the sofa watching The Office (and the awesome backward hug between Michael Scott and Deangelo Vickers).

Took time to smell the flowers; saw a pink-ribboned pony trot down my street one weekend; had numerous snuggle sessions with my kitty; and after a long internal debate, I got my birthday present to myself in the mail.

And completed rendering after rendering of that same sofa, a bedroom, and, for our final, a living room drawn by my professor (I did all the marker, but I can't take full credit for the bottom right rendering).

After all that busy-busy-busy, I sure am happy to have a break from school and more time to focus on the nursery design.  It's kinda like one of those crazy rushed design shows except those people don't have another full-time job! Haha. But I do have a great group, which makes it easier. We work really well together and are making a ton of progress, so come back tomorrow to check it out!