Monday, March 25, 2013

Dressers and Tables and Chairs, Oh My! {Warehouse Visit #2}

Unfortunately this last trip to the warehouse did not consist of my teammates and I skipping through the warehouse arm-in-arm as if we were in Oz.  Because they're all busy working ladies, they couldn't make it on Wednesday morning.  But they were there in spirit (and via text message) as I braved the forest full of dressers, tables and chairs, OH MY!

We now have quite a few dressers to choose from...

Without knowing what other pieces we're going to choose or how we will arrange the furniture, its hard to determine which dresser will work.  I absolutely love the one on the bottom left because it has some great details, but it might just be that one of the top dressers is a better size. Or maybe a dresser that meets the size constraints and has nice details will pop up on our next visit... only time will tell.

I also started pairing tables and rockers together to see how they relate.

Although it has cute details, I'm not sure this little nightstand works with either rocker. But I'm also not sure that it doesn't.  Everything can be repainted (and probably will be) so I'm ignoring the colors as I investigate. I like it on its own, but it doesn't seem to tuck next to the rocker on the left nicely which makes it look a tiny bit bulky. It seems ok in scale with the one on the right, but the combo doesn't wow me. 

Here's an interesting little magazine table that fits alright with both rockers, but it doesn't give much table space for styling and what not. (If this was a real nursery, I'd say not much "usable" space, but since no one will be using it in the store, it will most likely styled to add pzazz and look pretty.) 

This little clover table is really cute and works well with the left rocker. It looks a little small next to the right one.  It's also a little on the low side with either, but still an interesting peice.

Here's a few more table that both are probably too large, but work okay with this larger rocker.  The table on the left is classy and lovely, but maybe too formal for this space.  I really like the whimsical details on the sides of table on the right, but it looks pretty heavy next to the rocker and would certainly look too large next to the smaller rocker.

So there's a lot for us to think about.  We'll be back there again on Friday to nail down our choices and take measurements (which I should have done last time... whoops!) and then on Sunday we're getting together to divi up projects and start workin' away.