Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conveying Design Ideas

As an interior designer, I'm always coming up with design ideas in my head. When I put together a design for a space, I visualize the whole thing in my mind: where each fabric and finish will go, how colors will balance around the space, how textures will contrast against one another, etc. But how does one get these ideas across to a client or a contractor?

Samples and pictures are essential tools for conveying design ideas, but sometimes more in depth or accurate depictions must be created so that a client can tell how each item relates to one another or for a contractor to realize the design.   I'm currently taking two classes to develop and hone some useful skills that make this possible.

In Marker Rendering, class I've learned how to accurately depict a fabric sample on a piece of furniture, how to draw glass, and other surfaces in order to give the client a concept of what the whole design will look like when complete.

Architectural Drafting has taught me how to read and draw plans in order to communicate a design to a contractor builder. Although most plans are done on the computer these days, this hand drafting class has helped me understand how a structure is built. Like my teacher says, you "draw it like you build it." As a designer, this understanding of a structure will help me to develop design details that can be accurately executed.


There are also many neat computer programs out there that can be used to convey design ideas, but these hand skills are particularly helpful if you need to do a quick on-the-spot sketch to explain something.  Anyway... I'm enjoying learning this stuff.  What'd you think of my work?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sophistocated Striped Bathrooms

Hey all you renters out there. Today I'm wondering... what would you do if your apartment was your own? Would you paint a wall navy blue? Gut your kitchen? Mount your TV to the wall?

I'd love to do a number of things like this, but the first thing that comes to mind that I would change if my place was my own: I'd paint stripes in one of my bathrooms. Can you tell by my background that I'm loving stripes right now?  I always love them actually... they're classic and add interest to a space without being too busy. Their consistent rhythm can create a sense of calm while increased contrast can produce a more up-beat and fun intensity in a space.  I think they'd be just darling in a powder room or bathroom. (In my case there is no "powder room" in my apartment.)

If I was creating my striped bathroom, it would be a simple painting project due to my budget constraints (probably a sky blue and crisp white combo), but you could also create an awesome striped look with wallpaper or tile. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of work for something I'll have to paint over soon enough.  So instead I'll just dream of stripes and share some examples of what I'm talking about.  Love me some stripes!

Striped bathroom by Miles Redd Architectural Digest

Lonny magazine

domino magazine

yellow stripes

black and white stripe wallpaper

pink and white vanity

striped wallpaper architectural digest palapa-style beach house

striped tile house beautiful

lonny magazine white paneling cheerful bathroom

Pieter Estersohn Design powder room

bathroom powder room

This last one I took with my iPhone in the beautiful Ann Sacks showroom at the Laguna Design Center. Fun right?  Are you loving stripes as much as I am?  What would you love to change about your rental if you could? I'd love to hear your ideas.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love is in the Air...

...and in my apartment!  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I quickly sprinkled a few hearts here and there to "bring back that loooovin' feeeelin'..." Ok, time for me to stop singing.  I'm usually not that into Valentine's Day, but with all the Valentine's stuff floating around blogland, I've been feelin' like I need a little pink in my life. Also, Frank and I decided to decorate cookies together tomorrow so I thought it would be nice to create the appropriate setting for a little Valentine's Day fun.  Here are some photos for ya.  

valentines day flower arrangement pink grey

Valentine's Day Decorations love flowers pink and orange

pink and orange valentines day decorations

pink and orange valentines day decorations table setting flowers

pink and orange valentines day decorations tablescape table setting

pink and orange valentines day decorations

pink and orange valentines day decorations

99cent Store towel valentines day decorations

Like my little heart dish towel? Its from the 99cent Store... Woo hoo! Good deals get me excited!  Have you put up any decorations for Valentine's Day?