Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conveying Design Ideas

As an interior designer, I'm always coming up with design ideas in my head. When I put together a design for a space, I visualize the whole thing in my mind: where each fabric and finish will go, how colors will balance around the space, how textures will contrast against one another, etc. But how does one get these ideas across to a client or a contractor?

Samples and pictures are essential tools for conveying design ideas, but sometimes more in depth or accurate depictions must be created so that a client can tell how each item relates to one another or for a contractor to realize the design.   I'm currently taking two classes to develop and hone some useful skills that make this possible.

In Marker Rendering, class I've learned how to accurately depict a fabric sample on a piece of furniture, how to draw glass, and other surfaces in order to give the client a concept of what the whole design will look like when complete.

Architectural Drafting has taught me how to read and draw plans in order to communicate a design to a contractor builder. Although most plans are done on the computer these days, this hand drafting class has helped me understand how a structure is built. Like my teacher says, you "draw it like you build it." As a designer, this understanding of a structure will help me to develop design details that can be accurately executed.


There are also many neat computer programs out there that can be used to convey design ideas, but these hand skills are particularly helpful if you need to do a quick on-the-spot sketch to explain something.  Anyway... I'm enjoying learning this stuff.  What'd you think of my work?