Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Hunt for a Fabulous Nursery

With camo cargos and caps and binoculars raised we've begun our hunt: searching, sniffing out and capturing the perfect items to design a fabulous nursery.  Just subtract the hunting gear and you've got a pretty accurate depiction of the process!  Our first warehouse visit is behind us and we've gathered lots of possible furniture, fabrics, and accessories to make our space awesome. Here's what's on our hunt list:

And our pile of possibilities...

This is some of the stuff we gathered on our first warehouse visit. The staff was super helpful directing us around the warehouse to find what we needed.  I'm most relieved that we actually found a whole crib.  As we were developing our plans for the nursery we found out the Salvation Army isn't allowed to sell cribs for liability reasons, so they don't typically keep them in their warehouse. That of course is a great safety precaution, but we thought that meant our nursery idea was down the drain.  Luckily, they told us we could proceed with the nursery plan and stage the space with a crib that would be marked "NOT FOR SALE".  And we found one!


It's hiding back there disassembled. There's actually another partial crib with more interesting turned rails back there too. If we find the rest of that one or another like it, we'll probably use that instead. Either way, it will get painted and filled with happy coral and mint bedding and adorned with it's "NOT FOR SALE" sign.  Hmmm... the though of that in my OCD designer perfectionist mind makes me think I need to make a color corrdinating sign!

Anyway, even though it wont be for sale, the crib will be there to complete the design and show new parents (or old ones) that they can create a lovely space for their little newborn nugget on a budget.  Here's a sneak peak some choices for the remaining stuff in the space.

And we're headed back tomorrow to look again! We're still in need of a bookshelf, a floor lamp, and maybe more toys.  We'll also keep an eye out for better furniture too since you don't always find the perfect thrift store piece in one try.

Also since scale and proportion are really important, I think we'll do a mock set up of the nursery in the warehouse. We need to see how the pieces relate to one another, which is impossible when things are all piled up.  So, I'll probably get some better photos to show you then.  And we'll have a bunch of DIY projects coming up soon too, so check back often!