Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nursery Furniture Choices and Layout

It's time for another update on our Noah's ARC nursery design. We all made it to the warehouse on Friday (that's Warehouse Visit #3) and thank god because we have just two weeks to transform these donations into a chic and whimsical nursery design.

Between the four dressers, two rockers, multiple side table, a few unexciting bookcases, and cribs the workers had set aside for us, our warehouse pile had grown to substantial size.  We desperately needed to weed through our options and finalize our selections so that we could begin painting.

As we began moving around our furniture to see what would work together, the workers wheeled by this beautiful armoire with the perfect whimsical details for our nursery. We'll take it!

This piece will replace the boring simple bookshelves we'd stored up as options.  It also helped us determine which dresser to choose.  Remember all of these from warehouse visit #2....

We decided that one of the two wider ones (bottom) would work better as our changing table.  That way we could fit a changing pad, diapers, baby powder, etc on top as well as a lamp and a few accessories for styling.  So of the two, we decided on the bottom right one.

We think it works better with the armoire because the curves on the door kind of echo the curves in the armoire details, where as the other has only straight lines (the bottom left of the four).  Curved lines also give a more feminine feel which is appropriate for our girl's nursery.

Then we fished through this sea of literature to find children's books.

We'll use them both for staging the room (in the armoire or on the dresser or table) as well as for art (in a gallery wall above the dresser) and other diy projects (possibly rosettes made from book pages).

And then there's the piece that makes the space a nursery...

The workers set this lovely crib aside for us, which we like much better than the first one we found.  We really like the detail in the turned rails and the curve in the head and foot board again mimic the curves in the armoire and dresser.

Finally, the nursery wouldn't be complete without a rocker.  But team IDI wasn't thrilled with the two we had found before.  One was too chunky and the other too small.  So we were excited when we found this glider.

It's similar to the larger one we had before, but has more delicate lines, which work better with our crib.  And we found a gliding footstool too! Yay!  The rocker will be painted white to match, so they'll look like more of a pair once they're finished. And cushions will be made/recovered to go with our color scheme.

In fact everything will be painted!  We set up the space in the warehouse to determine the color of each piece.

You can also see our super cute clover table that we chose to accompany the rocker.  (It wont actually be floating out in the middle of the room like that).  Coincidentally, we decided on a layout that's pretty similar to the concept sketch I did last week.

At that point we hadn't made furniture choices, hence the word "concept," but that gives you an idea of where we're headed.  And here are a few other possible layouts I did last week also.  The one we're using is in the top left corner.

So we've got a lot of work to do. Here's the crew at our last warehouse visit happily awaiting all the projects ahead of us.

Are we doing a good job of hiding the stress of it all behind those smiles?  Maybe it's just me that's trippin', but we really have a lot to do!  I'm actually getting excited the more we work on it.  We got together on Sunday and got a good chunk of work done.  I really think it's gonna come out awesome!

Check back tomorrow and I'll show you our color choices for each piece and the progress we've made so far.  Here's one last little peak for you...

It's comin' along!