Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Painted Plastic Doll House

One day, I was through the warehouse and I was like, "Hey look! That doll house matches our Noah's ARC nursery color palette perfectly!"

JUST KIDDING!  It started out like this...

Cute, but.. eh... not quite right.  Call me crazy, but I decided to disassemble the whole thing and repaint it in our colors.  Total tweeker project right?  Minus the drugs of course.  

I unscrewed all screws and had to use 2 butter knifes to get the roof off.

Then spray painted with a primer that adheres to plastic.

Next, a coat of semi-gloss white spray paint (because I had it).  And finally, the roof, trim, and other details with our light coral and minty green colors.  I also went back over the little butterflies and birdies with a sharpie.