Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nightstand Before & After

Hey there! It's been a busy week and I have lots of items on my "things to blog about" list but haven't yet had the chance to get to them. I wanted to show you last year's Christmas decor inspired by my increasingly popular "Beach Christmas" Pinterest board, but I've been a bit bogged down so that will be coming soon. Here's a little preview.
beach Christmas decor

I had a space planning assignment due on Tuesday and we started our final, translating the "program" requirements for a real estate office to a complete space plan in only two three-hour classes... Eeek! The time limit makes it difficult to correct the little issues that arise when fitting so many functions into a small square footage. Of course my perfectionism wants to fix it all, but I'll just have to set that aside for the moment. I'm thinkin' I'm in pretty good shape though.

Prior to that... voted last Tuesday, and on Wednesday I participated in ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) Real World Design Week by spending the day with Cosentino, an international stone company with a multitude of beautiful surfaces that would jazz up any bathroom, kitchen, floor, or pretty much any other surface you or your designer dream up. We also hopped over to Fixtures Living in Costa Mesa to check out the sales side of their product and see other nifty design elements and appliances. I'll tell you more about that experience soon.

And on to the fun before & after...  I went over to Melissa's to help her restyle her bookshelves, hang art, and work on her nightstand, which I blogged about here. Check out the results! She also painted and recovered her cute little vanity chair.

DIY refinish nightstand recover stool

Whatdya think?  I think they came out fantastic! Great job Melissa!

Stay tuned for beach Christmas decor and more about Cosentino and their awesome products as well as a trip to the inspiring Fixtures Living store!