Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

I know you've seen a lot of it, but you can't be over Christmas stuff on Christmas Eve, right? And of course I didn't forget to put a little Christmas cheer in the bedroom.  So here's another post of my very merry Christmas decor.  

This tree is by boyfriend, Frank's tree and although I told him he could do it all by himself, I'm afraid a few little "suggestions" may have slipped out of my mouth here and there.  Overall I think I did a pretty good job restraining my controlling inclinations and I think Frank did a fantastic job with the tree!

All of my special ornaments that didn't work for the white, silver, and gold tree in the living room, made their way over here, including my very favorite moose.  Coincidentally, the ornaments seem to stick to a color scheme that is a variation on the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue, which I think looks great next to my Breakfast at Tiffany's poster. This also made it easy to coordinate a few extra decorations sprinkled about the room. 

I added a few ornaments to the lamps and gave Santa a place to rest his cap at night.

I also added a few festive characters and a little Christmas ribbon to my bookshelf with some stocking hangers. I had intended on making some sort of garland (perhaps pom pom) to hang from the stocking hangers, but never quite got to that project.

And finally, a few ornaments hung in the bathroom...

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!