Monday, December 17, 2012

Fancy Feather Christmas Wreath

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been busy busy busy Christmas shopping, cleaning, and decorating.  Here's a little bit about how I created my Fancy Feather Christmas wreath.

But first, 'why Fancy Feather Christmas' you ask?  Well my first thought was to have a white Christmas this year. Then I got to thinkin' and being that we're in Newport Beach, there isn't any snow here, so it seemed to me that a snowy white Christmas didn't really make sense. I wanted to do something different. 'What can I use in my decor that's white,' I thought.  I'd imagine all the feather motifs in today's fashion and decor had something to do with the thought that popped into my head... 'FEATHERS!'  So anyway... here ya go...

First I found some branches in the neighborhood and spray painted them gold and silver.


I stuck a few pieces here and there and then headed to Micheal's to get the rest of my supplies.

I broke apart this silver flower bunch and gold berry sprig and inserted the pieces along with the feathers on each side for balance.  (I used the white berry sprig elsewhere... stay tuned for photos.)

With everything arranged, I got busy jazzing up my feathers. 

A little paint and glitter later and voila!  And while I was doing that, Duchess helped rearrange things a bit.

Finally, I stuck the feathers back in their place and hung my customized wreath from a white ribbon.