Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Details

Here are some more little Christmas details that are cheering up my apartment this season. I switched out my usual pillows for the cable knit pillows I made, added a few touches of black for some contrast, then sprinkled gold and silver accents throughout my apartment with extra ornaments and decorations. And don't forget the fresh flowers! I'm quite pleased with how it came out.  What do you think?

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree... its just itching to get some presents underneath it! Santa and I still have some wrapping to do.

To customize my tree topper for my Fancy Feather theme, I simply hot glued some gold tipped feathers to the back of a star I had from a few years back.

I had intended on painting a reindeer silhouette on the white lampshade below, which I picked up at Ikea for only $4.99 (can you believe it!?), but with all the DIY projects I've had going on, I didn't get to this one. Perhaps that'll be next year's project.

And here's my holiday tablescape, which I'll tell you a little bit more about tomorrow. (Please ignore the fact that the forks and spoon are flip flopped. Apparently I was a little backwards when I was setting the table... maybe because I'm left-handed... excuses excuses! Haha.)

A couple angels even flew in and parked themselves above the dining room table!

And on to the kitchen. I used the branches I had spray painted when I was making my wreath to hang more angels and other fun ornaments.

I especially like the charming little angel couple.

A couple of fun Christmas drawings I did spruce up the kitchen wall.

Duchess is enjoying this holiday season. Are you?