Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Wrapping {Now Unwrapped}

Happy Christmas dear readers! You are, perhaps, but a few, but are so ever important to me!  I hope you had a the merriest Christmas surrounded by loved ones, appreciating their company, and thanking God (or whatever you believe in) for all the blessing in your life.  I know I did (and do everyday)!   I went up to my mom's to spend the holiday with family as usual, but just before I left on Sunday, I got all my wrapping done and photographed so I thought I'd show you the finished product as it was before excited little hands tore the wrapping apart.   

I love coordinating my wrapping paper with my Christmas decor.  It seems to really pull together the whole look and accentuate the rest of the decor you've got goin' on.  So this year, I wrapped my gifts in gold, silver, and white wrapping paper as well as some brown paper that I bought in the painting section of Home Depot. I printed some free printable gift tags from Blush Printables and topped off gifts with bows and curly-ques in gold, silver, white, and a little black to continue with the subtle contrast I have in the rest of my Christmas decor.  The result: a dazzling array of glimmer and glitter, and holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays!