Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ornaments Hung from Curtain Rods

Here's a fun little idea to add some Christmas cheer in an unexpected place. Simply tie ribbon to bulbs and hang them from your curtain rods.

There seems to be a trend of ornaments with feathers inside of them (for example, these), which is just perfect for my Fancy Feather Christmas.  But why buy them when this is a simple DIY project.  I took some clear glass bulbs, stuck a few white feathers in them, and added a little spray paint and glitter to the tops.

I added some solid gold and silver bulbs and also hung a few stars, including this large one which was too heavy for my tree.  I think the varied shapes add a little more interest.

And continuing with the feather theme... feather boas hung inside each curtain panel. It almost looks as though the drapes were made with a feathered trim.