Thursday, December 27, 2012

Restyled Kitchen Shelf

When I was up at my moms for Christmas, I took a moment to spruce up her kitchen shelf. Keeping in mind the idea of layering, I hung one of her many pastel paintings (my mother is extremely talented!) to create a backdrop, a focal point, and fill the white space on the wall.  I love the look of the older cookbooks, so I separated them out and grouped them to the left to give them a more noticeable and prominent position. I also flanked the grouping of books on the right with an older Betty Crocker book so that you can see the pretty detail on its cover. The more modern books I turned horizontally and topped with a teapot which draws your eye up and away from those which, in my opinion, don't have that same vintage charm. A little holiday flowers and the shelf has a whole new look! You like?