Friday, December 13, 2013

Final Residential Design Boards

Woo Hoo!  The last class of the semester was last Thursday so I'm a free woman now! I absolutely love school, but after obsessing over a project for 12 weeks, I'm exhausted and ready for a break.  Hopefully I'll learn to better balance things when I'm actually working in the field. :/   We'll see.

I spent a week or so before finding the final pillow and drapery trims, working on renderings of each spaces, putting together digital boards, and mounting fabric samples. Last Thursday we had to do our final presentation of our projects, which went really well. We had a really talented class and it was so interesting to see everyone's final product.  

Here are some photos of my labor of love...

And yippy skippy, my project got chosen for the hall of fame! There should be photos up of my boards along with two other projects from my class up on our school's Facebook page at some point.