Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A New Look For The Blog

I wanted to give the blog a slightly more professional yet still fun and happy look so I'm doing a little re-design... well, for me its actually really time consuming.  I'm sure not an html-css genius and have just taught myself with blog tutorials online and what not, but I think its coming along nicely.  What'd ya think so far?

I've still got some things I want to change. 
  • I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how to adjust the margins.    It seems that the html editor in blogger is different than it used to be and I cant seem to find the numbers that I should change.  I'm hoping to make them smaller so that the stuff in the sidebar lines up.  
  • I also want to adjust the vertical padding/margins in the sidebar so that everything isn't quite as far apart.  
  • The font for the post titles seems to have gone back to a default and it doesn't seem to change when I use blogger's "Customize" template thing.
  • And does anyone know how to make the look more consistent across internet browsers?  I've realized it looks different in IE vs. Chrome (which is what I use) and I haven't seen it in Firefox.
If you know of any solutions to these things, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment away or shoot me an email.  Thanks guys!