Monday, May 13, 2013

High Hopes Like Gatsby

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know how I spent my weekend.  I saw the Great Gatsby, which was awesome.  I've always loved the book and the design details in the fashion, architecture, and interiors where beautiful! 

Isn't that rug gorgeous?!  Not to mention the soft flowing shears, tailored chairs, architectural trim, and grand chandelier... Just lovely!  I'd like to do a post on the design in the movie if I have the time.  

Speaking of beautiful rugs, I did a little shopping and found these ikat flatwoven rugs, with which I plan to make a large square ottoman for my living room. Only $33 for a 5x7-ish rug at Stein Mart! The red, coral, and orange is the perfect thing to warm up the living room. There's even a little green in it which works perfectly with my pillows and sofa.

I also found this cute little metal chair at the Salvation Army.  (Can we say regular customer? Thank God I don't have space for too much or I might turn into a hoarder!)  It's just small enough to give us a place to sit at the top of our stairs.  I plan to recover it sometime and maybe give it a fresh coat of paint.

AAAAAnd... I got my business cards in the mail from  Yay!  I designed them myself.  What'd ya think?

I've also been working on putting together some of my previous school projects and assignments   I'd say "into a portfolio," but it probably will be no where near the finished document I'd like my portfolio (I'm kind of a perfectionist).  But at least I'll have a hardcopy to show to prospective employers.

So... there's lots on my "To Do" list with class three nights a week, homework, all these projects, etc.  Perhaps a bit like Gatsby, I have high hopes and aspirations for getting all these things (and more) done. Without an illegitimate angle like bootlegging of course!  The busy life is stressful at times, but I love all this design stuff like Gatsby loves Daisy (well maybe not exactly, but you get what I'm saying… A LOT).  I'll do my best to stay connected to you blog buddies and share my  inspiration along the way and the fun projects that result.  Wish me luck!