Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mom's Living Room Design Begins!

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend and a happy memorial day!  I went up to my mom's this weekend and she's pretty awesome so I definitely did.  Not only did I go for a nice visit, but I also went so that we could look at fabrics for her living room that I'm designing.  I mentioned her vintage fabric way back when that has become the inspiration for the color palate.

She had custom drapes out of this fabric about 20 years ago and we haven't seen it in probably 13 years since we moved into her current house.  So she was ecstatic when she discovered she still had and loved the fabric!  

We've been talking about what she wanted in the living room for quite a while and the ideas keep changing (remember the red idea), so I got fired up when she seemed more firm on this idea.  I started gathering ideas on a Pinterest board and created this mood board...

She currently has a lot of warm colors in the living room, so I wanted to balance this warmth out with blue drapes and also coordinate with the blue in her art, crystal, and teacup collections.  Unfortunately for the pocketbook, she has a lot of windows, which means a lot of fabric, and a lot of $$$$ for custom draperies!  I scoured the internet for affordable blue patterened drapes for a while without much success until just recently. You can imagine my excitement when I checked out Ikea again (the best deal for drapes) and found these!

And even more excited when Mom confirmed that she really liked them.  So while I was up visiting I put them up for her and then we searched for the right fabric to reupholster her settee. Here's a little peek of the room and some possible fabrics.  

The left fabric is the drapery, the right will be pillows, and the two middle area possibilities for the settee.  There are actually two settees at the moment, but only one will be recovered. The other will be replaced by two chairs, so I'm on the hunt for some pretty and hopefully inexpensive warm pink/peach chairs.  We also did decide that we'll repaint a neutral beige color pulled out of the floral fabric.  We have a ways to go, but its actually begun, and I'm really excited about it! I think its really going to be lovely once we're done.  So I'll have updates for you as we move along.

I also meant to photograph her TV room, which I designed, but forgot my camera.  Oopsies!  I'll have pictures of that after my next visit so stay tuned.  For now, here's a teaser you've seen before.  ;)