Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pillow Trim and Pink Chairs

Hi ya'll. Sorry for my absence. Don't really have an excuse, but here I am getting back into it (blogging I mean).  Isn't life just like that sometimes?  Sometimes you're on fire, other times you're not.  So it goes.

Anyway, I've been telling myself to get back up to speed on blogging, so a month ago... hahaha... yes, a month ago... I went to Joann's to try to find some fabric for a little project I wanted to do and share on the blog. And to my surprise, the location was closing!  Everything was 75% off, but they were only selling fabric by the bolts and I didn't want to purchase that much.  So I didn't end up getting anything for that project, BUT I found something else exciting...

A plethora of pretty trim. I picked up a bunch that works with my mom's living room fabric, which we plan on using to make pillows.  You may remember, I shared our plan for the room here.  Well, I've updated the design board...
interior design, design board
The scheme is the same, but after all the searching for the right chaise fabric, we still are leaning toward a small blue and white stripe.  My mom wants something a little more formal than a typical ticking stripe, perhaps with a sheen to it, so we're still on the hunt. And I'm still scouring craigslist for peach/pink chairs.  I found this one, which certainly works, color-wise, but it isn't quite as saturated as we would like. If it had been comfortable, I definitely would have grabbed it, but alas... it was not. :(

Although I'm not sure if I'm up for reupholstering a chair myself, I looked through some peachy-pink fabric at work the other day...

Aren't they lovely!

Next up we'll start discussing a new fire place mantel, which I think will really have an impact on the space.  Can't wait to share more as we go along!