Friday, January 25, 2013

Manly Bedding

A few years back I helped my sister asked me to help her pick out a comforter that wouldn't get shot down by her boyfriend.  She said she had shown him a few options, which he claimed were all too 'girly'.  After poking around the store (I think it was actually Burlington Coat Factory), we found something acceptable: a simple black and gold plaid. This might not be your cup of tea, but there are many other options out there that if paired with interesting furnishings and art, can look quite stylish.  So how does one find such manly bedding for the picky boyfriend or guy friend asking for assistance?  Here are my thoughts (which seemed to work in the case of my sisters boyfriend):
  • Avoid all floral prints and anything too swirly lookin'. Curved lines give a feminine feel.
  • Steer clear of 'girly' colors (pink, coral, etc.) Although some men might be okay with, or even like, these colors, from what I gather, most men don't want to sleep in a sea of fuschia.
  • Look for something geometric. If you're want to add interest with a pattern, but aren't sure how to find a manly pattern, geometric are often a good way to go... perhaps a nice stripe, plaid or triangular pattern would work.
  • Stick to something simple. Something solid or nearly solid can be 'dressed up' with an interesting blanked or pillow.
  • Speaking of pillows... most men I've meet hate throw pillows. They think function, not form, and don't see the point. So avoid the extra pillows and find other ways to add that pop of color or pattern that you want... maybe interesting sheets, art, or a bench at the foot of the bed.
That being said, my dad asked me to help him find a duvet cover.  (I chuckle when I think of my dads recently expanded vocabulary... "duveT." I don't think he knew they existed, let alone what they  were called.)  So with my manly-bedding radar on, I went on the hunt for something simple, sophisticated, and modern. Here are some choices that I pulled.

You can't go too wrong with something simple in the brown, blue, or grey color palate...

But, my dad also likes yellow, so I found a few yellow duvet covers that are on the more manly side...

Or for a man who's really into color...

Here's some more manly geometrics...

And here's one more that I love. Isn't the asymmetry great!