Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Handome Bedding and Then Some at Unison Home

So guess what.... my lack ottomans where featured again!  I just wanted to say thank you to Amy at MoMamma for picking my ottomans, and to Pinterest for being awesome and both inspiring me and getting my stuff out there, and to my mom for allowing me to help with her tv room, which without that project, there would be no ottomans at all!

Alrighty, there's my speech... now on to the topic.

After yesterday's post about manly bedding my Dad made an impulse purchase and picked up a handsome grey duvet set from Target.  I think he made a great choice and I suggested that he get some yellow pillow cases to bring out the yellow in his artwork and add a fun pop of color that would be a great contrast against the grey of his new bedding.

Being that I'm a little obsessive when I get inspired, I started looking for some nice modern yellow pillowcases and stumbled upon Unison Home. Not only do they have very handsome modern bedding, but they also have quite classy table linens, sexy throw pillows, sleek home accessories, and a kids line! Here are a few of my picks of their snazzy selection.