Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three Tips I Learned Of Late

I thought I'd share in the hopes that someone else out there might be as excited about these little tips...

1. The easiest way to iron your sheets is when they're on your bed. It seems so obvious! But for some reason I've been in the dark about this. Thanks to The Nester, who's doing a Christmas photo shoot today (or maybe already did it), and her post about a past photo shoot, I feel like an idiot who's been enlightened... A little embarrassed but also grateful!

2. Lands End sells home decor and furnishings... nice stuff too!  My dad has gotten Lands End catalogs for YEARS and I've only ever thought of them as a resource for the outdoorsman.  Who knew they carried all sorts of rugs, pillows, bedding and much more?!  ...Kirsten over at 6th Street Design did!  Thanks for the tip about alternate places to buy home accessories.

3. Live the width! Thanks Centsational Girl for this little reminder! One can never have too many positive reminders about life.