Monday, June 24, 2013

Mom's TV Room

Today's the day, guys (or mostly gals actually)! As promised (here and here) I'm finally going to show you mom's TV room that I designed.   The goal was to create a comfortable, organized, and, of course, pretty space on a budget for mom to watch TV, go through mail, fold laundry, play with kitties, and generally hang out. A lot of living happens in here! So I wanted to give her a place she could really enjoy. And the project was a success!

Two of my most popular posts were a result of this project: the Lack Side Tables Turned Ottomans and Organizing Mom's Den.  But that's not all that went into this space.  Here it is before the transformation...

This is actually part way through the organization process because I'm super bad about taking before photos. I just get so excited I start doing stuff before snapping a pic!  And there's my beautiful mother. She's the best!  Anyway... as you can see, the old sofa was way to big for the room, paint color was off, and some serious organization was needed.  Tomorrow I'll tell you more about what went into designing this space. But for now... pictures!

TDC Before and After