Friday, October 19, 2012

Love wallpaper but can't afford the expense?

I LOVE wallpaper, but live in a rental so wallpaper aint happenin.' Even if I you own your own home, wallpaper can be an expensive update compared to paint. The other day I came across some amazing stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils and Royal Design Studios. With a little effort and one of their awesome patterns you can create the beauty and impact of wallpaper without the expense! And if you move out of your rental, you can easily paint back to the original color instead of royally pissing off your landlord with difficult-to-remove wallpaper. Because we all want our deposit back right? Yay!

Here are some awesome examples from the blog world that use stencils to transform an interior...


      Final ERM 4 065

Houndstooth Stenciled Wall

You can use these stencils pretty much anywhere.
Love the stenciled stairs!


Revamp furniture...


You can even stencil fabric and save boat loads on custom window treatments, pillows, and upholstery...





And don't forget what's beneath your feet... you can stencil your rug too!


Hope you enjoyed! I know I can hardly wait to stencil in a few of my projects! Check back soon to see them.