Monday, October 1, 2012

School, Work, School, Work, Decorate!

Ever wonder how they plan out interior walls and cubicles of an office? I have. And now I get to learn all about that process in a space planning class. It is quite the process, but I actually find it kind of interesting. Its like solving a puzzle. Just writing a "program" to qualify and quantify the needs of the client could be one person's job. But the part I find interesting and challenging is fitting all of that stuff into a space with just enough square footage; bridging the "synthesis gap," as Mark Karlen, author of Space Planning Basics, calls it. So after relationship diagrams, I'm bubbling away (creating bubble diagrams) with the company of my little helper, Duchess.

But I did have some time to do some quick fall decorating. I'll post photos next week.

Back to work! :)