Saturday, October 20, 2012

What to be for Halloween?

It's almost time for a Halloween Party! My boyfriend, Frank, and I have a Halloween party coming up next weekend and I haven't come up with cute couples costumes yet. Last year we actually had no specific plans, but I really really really wanted to make Popeye and Olive Oyl (spiced up a bit... cause hey... its Halloween!) costumes... so I did!  

Here's how I made it... 

Olive Oyl
  • Sewed lace trim (Joann Fabrics) to red Goodwill shirt - trim $4,  shirt $6
  • Loosely stitched yellow ribbon (Joann Fabrics) to a black skirt I had - ribbon $4, skirt  free
  • Bought ruffly socks a previous year for another costume -  free this year but around $5 I think
  • Accessorize with white plastic earnings - $3
  • Don't forget the hair! (I've got the little protruding bun thing goin' on in the back)
Cost = $22

  • Put blue T-shirt under black polo shirt (Goodwill) and rolled sleeves for the cuffs - $6 for both
  • Sewed sailor color using red fabric and black ribbon (Joann Fabrics) similar to this although I attached it to the shirt with safety pins so that it could be used later - fabric $3, ribbon $4
  • Blue Dickies pants (T-shirt Store) - $20
  • Frank's boots - free
  • Made belt with yellow material (Joann Fabrics) and a buckle from an old belt we had - $2
  • Cut circles out of yellow felt (Joann Fabrics) for buttons and attached with safety pins - $1
Cost = $36
Total Cost for both = $58

Now that we actually have somewhere to go, I haven't developed a costume plan.  I don't think I have the time to make anything that involved this year. I was thinking maybe replacement referees?  What do you think?